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We are back for global K-pop fans! If you purchase tickets on Ticketbay,
we will receive your ticket on your behalf and send it to you safely and securely.

Why should you use Ticketbay?

  • We provide tickets to almost all K-Pop concerts that you might like to attend
  • We guarantee that we will provide a safe and secure service.
  • Only official tickets are delivered. We check all tickets for authenticity before sending them directly to you

How to use

  • Sign up to Ticketbay You can sign up to Ticketbay
    (quick, easy and simple) or use Google ID.
  • Find the ticket that you want to purchase and select 'Buy (Global Customers)' This service is only available in the concert category
  • Pay with Paypal or Credit card or Alipay or Wechatpay after reading the guide.
  • You will receive a notification via email after paying for your ticket.
  • Receive your ticket in the mail and enjoy your K-Pop concert!

Service Fee

Service Fee 15% of the ticket price The listed reselling price
Delivery Fee Delivery fee will be paid for by the customer. The ticket will be delivered by DHL quickly and securely
  • A Service fee will be automatically added when you pay for your ticket.
  • Shipping insurance will cover any shipping incidents. (Appx. ₩500,000)

Foreign residents in Korea

  • If you have an ARC (Alien Registration Card) Number and live in Korea, you should authenticate your ID via the ‘Purchasing’ menu.
  • Ticket delivery service is only made available for K-Pop fans who reside outside of Korea with an applicable service fee.


  • If the ticket seller encounters any problems, your payment will be 100% refunded.
  • If you would like to buy another ticket instead of receiving a refund, we will find and provide a similar ticket to the first purchase.
  • The organizer of the concert may ask if the name on the ticket and the ticket holder are the same and you may not be able to see the concert. In this case, all the responsibilities of rejection will be incurred by the customer.

More questions

If you have any problems or questions
after paying for your ticket,
please use our email service.